Friday, April 29, 2016

Home Inspection Rocked!

I have a team of professionals that help me with my clients. Escrow, Title, Disclosure, Termite, Inspectors.

Since most clients don't know one of the above, it's my job to recommend one to them that I have total trust in.

I've been working with one inspector, I had to go back and look, since 2008. I used to work with another before that but he didn't take photos and refused to do so. Which made it a little difficult to know what he was talking about when the report actually came. He just didn't want to keep up with the times!

So, this guy....Charlie Garcia of National Property Inspections, did a home inspection on one of my listings back in 2008. When I received the report....boy was I impressed. Sooooo detailed, and yes, you betcha, photographs so my seller and I could see what he was talking about.

Fast forward to yesterday, inspection for a new buyer escrow and the seller was a tad antsy. We'll get the report tomorrow, or the next, but the review indicated there wasn't a whole lot to do.

The entire inspection rocked! From the inspector doing his due diligence, me doing my Agent Inspection, buyer and seller talking about what the seller wanted to leave, what the buyer would be okay with leaving....watching sports on television. Hey, I may even get a bottle of wine at the end from the seller!

Best part? The time my client and I spent walking around the neighborhood, wandering through the driving range of the nearby golf course, and spotting the abundant squirrel activity around his soon to be new home.

Yep, that Home Inspection certainly Rocked yesterday! 

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