Monday, October 6, 2014

Can My Children Make Something Change In The Housing Market?

Article read today about research done by a 'think tank' indicated that those Millennials (people born in the early 1980's to the early 2000's) will be counted for in about 22 million heads of households in the next few years. Almost a 10% increase since just last year!

1.6 Trillion spent on home purchases....about 600 billion to be spent on rent. Apparently more, on a per person situation, than any other generation. Interesting......I find this very interesting and heartwarming as well.

Many of our parents & grandparents grew up in a recession. Home ownership was so incredibly important to them. Wonder if this is part of the reason that these Millennials find the strong desire, despite school loans that are quite large, to be home owners. They've had a significant number of their growing up years watching their parents struggle with jobs, homes, debt.

If there is one thing we can provide our's the importance and value of owning a home or establishing their own home.

There is something about the independence and growth that is so invaluable when they can do that for themselves. I commend any Millennial for doing that. Whether it is this year, or per the report, by the year 2018.

I can totally see my children be part of the change in housing, how about yours?

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