Friday, October 17, 2014

The Dreaded 'Black Fuzzy Stuff'

When representing buyers there are a certain number of inspections that a buyer may need to do to assure themselves that the home they are buying is the right one for them.

Standard inspections may present a challenge. That being the acknowledgement of 'Black Fuzzy Stuff' or Fungus, or Mold. Call it what you will.

If I see it, I have to disclose it. If seller sees it, they have to disclose it. If any inspector sees it, they have to disclose it as well. If we learn of it, it has to be disclosed whether we saw it or not too!

Current escrow story. Home inspector noted suspect fuzzy stuff. Termite inspection noted fungus. Buyer elected, as is their right, to bring in a specialist as it was noted by two different qualified inspectors in more than one area of the home.

Mold was detected in the home in several different areas. Ugh.

The question that comes is, 'who's responsibility is it to take care of it?'. And, of course, to what extent. 

There is no exact answer. Many properties have mold in them. Unseen mold. Air spores. Anyone that is concerned about mold may call out for an environmental inspection during their contingency period.  Most don't, unless there is visible mold. But, we got mold, who's gonna take care of it?

As the buyers agent, my job is to protect my client. Determine what their needs are, how this discovery makes them feel, what the seller would need to do for buyer to continue with the purchase.

Some would say it doesn't matter as they are remodeling extensively anyways. Some would say throw some bleach on it. Some would do the remediation themselves. 

It's a personal choice. And, the discovery of the fuzzy stuff also brings up the question, how did it get there to begin with? What do we have to do to make sure it doesn't come back again?

Some are simple answers, some are structural/grading issues that need to be in this one.

We'll see how this unfolds. Hoping the agent, who happens to be the seller, takes responsibility for it.

Stay tuned!

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