Friday, September 26, 2014

Be Prepared For More Signatures When Buying A Home in California

In November we will be getting a new Residential Purchase Agreement to work with. Adds a few things, takes a few away. Several other documents are changed, added, subtracted too!

The changes actually add two more pages to the purchase agreement alone. The most interesting to me is the Wood Destroying Pest addendum is going away completely.

In the over 12 years I've been helping people, we've had that form. Generally the seller pays for the inspection and any Section One items. Buyer usually pays for the Section Two items. In November that form is going away and termite repairs will be another Request for Repairs negotiated if your agent isn't careful....on either side.

Just bringing this to your attention to make sure you work with an agent that has experience, a good brain, pays attention to detail, AND is aware of all the updates that come down the pipe from the California Association of Realtors so that you, the client, are protected.

All That Blue Indicating Change?  Just on the First Page!

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