Friday, October 24, 2014

Student Loans Held By Private Lenders Vs. Federal Lenders

So, students that are saddled with heavy loan burden trying to buy a home? Don't let it go into any default. Some of the private lenders will call it due immediately.

But, the topic of this post is really to open the eyes of every student debt holder out there, whether a federal or private student loan, that there can be modifications to your existing loan structure to help you not go into default.

Just like home loans, those student loans can be upwards of the price of a condo! So, just like home loans, borrowers can get behind.

If you are behind, the fed student loan is easier to find some help. The private one, not as much. But, check out our Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, they have some tools that can be found online so that it may be a bit easier to re-negotiate with your private school loan holder!!

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