Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Medical Offices Next Big Real Estate Item?

Well, it makes sense to me. Southern California is considered one of the top 10 for Hot Medical Office Real Estate.

Considering the money we have, the climate we have, and the number of us Baby-Boomers that are getting to the age where we need more medical care? Makes perfect sense. Heck, I just had to go for a dang stress test recently! Age is creeping up on us and I can see it from just my personal standpoint...I'm seeing my doctor a lot more than when I was in my 20's!

My husband is counting the days til we can retire....and, that's not so far away. Well, I will never completely retire....I'll be helping people in and out of homes til I can't drive anymore! But, don't tell him.

Yet, we have to consider that our state is a beautiful state for retirement. As well, there are a lot of us aging up here. So, if you've considered investing in other than residential real estate....consider this option. Seriously....consider it.

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