Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Owners Renting Instead of Selling & One In Three Americans Don't Have Emergency Savings

Those were the two headlines that caught my eye this morning to share with you. They both drew a little sigh of dismay out of me too.

I have seen a few more of the first lately. Read a couple of lenders bits on it too. So, the dilemma with owners not selling to buy is that, of course, our inventory will not climb to a normal point anytime soon. I watch it daily, it's stuck still just around 600 in Santa Clarita Valley.

The second....well, that's just sad. The way it ties in with the first is that, of course, if the rental becomes vacant for that new landlord for a few months, will they have the emergency money to take care of it?

Oh Lordy, I sure hope so. But, these would be landlords concern me. If they start dumping the properties all at the same time? Ugh. We know what will happen there.

If Americans don't have emergency money? Ugh, that's not good for housing either.

I'm feeling double Ugh today on those headlines.

I send well wishes to the newbies that become landlords. Well wishes to the Americans that don't have emergency savings. I wonder who their financial planners are? If there is any planning going on? I really wonder if the newbie landlords have any idea what being a landlord is all about?

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