Friday, March 28, 2014

The Home Buyers Wish List

I don't think I've touched on this in a while. But, It's a good topic so I'm talking about it again.

So many things to think about when I get a new buyer client referred to me. Their loan, their down payment, their work schedule, their future expectations. And, of course, their infamous Wish List!

Sometimes it gets a little carried away. Not that you shouldn't have one, just that it needs to be realistic based upon your price range and location searching. Of course, if you have the infamous Champagne taste on a Beer budget.....we will never get too far in my car!

But, when you're first talking with your Realtor, make a list of the 10 most important things for you in your home purchase. Talk with your agent to see if those are realistic. Things like home size, number of bedrooms, amenities, upgrades, fixer-upper, pool....those kinds of things. Also include your list of 'Don't Wants' clearly on there! 

We'll let you know pretty quickly if your wishes have any possibility of coming true! Please don't expect all of them to come true though. Understand, as well, that you will likely change that list as the house hunt process moves along. Something you thought was so important, no longer becomes vital. An absolute No-Go before becomes an okay!

Ultimately, when that list gets fine tuned? Anticipate getting about 7 out of 10. Anticipation of all 10 will just put a block wall up when it comes to finding your next home. Block walls are great for your back yard, but not so great for house hunting!

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