Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Staying On Task

Some days are just crazier than others. Some days Realtors are pulled in fourteen different directions, seemingly all at the same time.

What makes one Realtor better than another? Staying on task, keeping with their schedule, committing to and keeping their promises to their clients, themselves, and other people involved in a transaction.

I'm one that needs, note needs not likes, to get things done before I move onto something else. I write notes a lot. To-Do lists. Check my e-mail list in my inbox to make sure I've replied to everyone...more than once! Re-check my text messages so I don't miss a To-Do that I read but noted to get to when I wasn't driving!

That's the way I would want it if I was a home buyer or seller.

Every once in a while my mouth can't quite keep up with my brain. Or I'll interrupt someone to get my thoughts out. I apologize in advance. My brain works faster than most! And, I want you to have everything, every bit of knowledge, I can possibly provide as instantaneously as can possibly be delivered.

So, while I do talk fast, and I do interrupt, and I am a bit OCD with my lists.....it's all for you. And, it helps to keep my To-Do's more of a To-DONE!

So, yes, I'm staying on task for you! Well, LOL, yes, and for me too!

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