Friday, January 31, 2014

Put Your Best PICTURE Forward

Sometimes I help other agents my highlighting their listings on my personal website. I may have a couple on there at any time!

When they send me their listing to promote I look at them, kind of like a buyer would. Quite honestly, if it doesn't look good enough to me I'm not willing to put it on my site. Sorry, but it is a bit of a reflection on me, right? Imagine what a buyer might be thinking as well.

So Trulia, one of the the Real Estate websites, has a professional blog that they post stuff we as Realtors should be (note I say should be) interested in.

Today had an good one about the 5 listing photos that attract the best buyers. They noted that 86% of people looking on line for homes find photos to be the most useful feature. Well, that makes a whole lot of sense, right? But, these same shoppers would likely be turned off from even considering a home if the pictures were sub-par on non-existant!! Listing agents take note!!!!

Well, actually sellers take note. Make sure your home is professionally photographed. Yeah, your agent that boasts about how great his cell phone takes pictures? Um, yeah, not the right agent.

At any rate, let's see what we agree on:

1) Kitchen ~ get rid of clutter and highlight high-end items. Hopefully there is something high-end in your listing!

2) Exterior ~ Make sure to shoot interior AND exterior shots. And, make sure that exterior looks fresh as a ......yep, fresh as a daisy!

3) Master Bedroom ~ Go figure, de-clutter again. Buyers like a spacious master. Make it feel that way even if it's not. Create an extra sitting area in the master, if you can without being crowded. Special accents? Highlight them for certain!

4) Master Bath ~ make it look like a luxury spa. Trust me, ask my Canoga Park seller how we did that in their home! Super sparkling clean, OMG toilet seat closed people, fresh, fluffy towels.

5) Living Room ~ Super ways to stage these to photograph well. I agree with the writer of this attention to the type of buyer that your property will draw and stage for them.

Be certain that even before the photographer takes the first shot, that your agent has gone through and made proper placements of everything in that room.

Trust me....the little things make the biggest thing happen.....the sale of your home. So, take the advice from your agent when they suggest putting the toaster oven away during the sale of your home. And, that ratty rug you love stepping out onto in your master, remove please.

I love helping people prep their home for sale! I guess I do have a creative side.....deep down!

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