Friday, January 24, 2014

The Housing Inventory Is A Growin!

Pretty much all the buyers I'm working with right now want to buy in the San Fernando Valley. Totally cool with that. I know everything going on there, where the lines cross, how the disclosures need to be presented, agents that are good and not so good!

But, in my little home town of Santa Clarita Valley, that's where the majority of my business lays, and I spend a little extra time here so I write more about this lovely little bedroom community.

Today, our inventory of active listings tops at 534. Just a week or two ago it was under that. December slow period and all.

However, for quite some time we agents all knew that the best time to put a new listing on the market was Thursday evening, Friday morning. That way it hit the weekend warriors for their house hunting trips! All this week I've been seeing high numbers, well for our last few years numbers they are high, of new listings almost every day! Almost 20 a day!

Of course so many sellers are now in positive equity and can sell their homes! Beware though, the more coming on the market, the more competition you same sellers will have!

Now is an incredibly important time to put your best foot forward when you're getting ready to list your home.

If you want any of my suggestions on putting the foot in the right forward direction......feel free to ask! or or even I can be reached very easily!

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