Friday, January 17, 2014

You Know I Just Love This!

Anyone that's read some of past posts may have come across my utter joy in people getting their just rewards! Well, or the deserved punishment!

California Attorney General arrested several people that were defrauding home owners statewide in a takeover housing racket!  Wahoooooo I tell ya!

Three scumbags, and two attorneys are all in jail as of Wednesday with up to 1.8 million just for bail!

They figured out ways to get peoples homes via title schemes and then demanded money from the rightful owners to get their homes back! Went back as far as 2006 and were able to take possession of at least 23 residences.

A woman in Santa Barbara was the one that brought it to authorities attention and the investigation has been going on since summer of 2011.

They face restitution payments  of at least 3.5 million and jail time  of between 7 and 108 years! One of the attorneys is the one that is facing the longest jail term!

I hope they get the max sentence!

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