Tuesday, February 4, 2014

2021 Predicted by MSN Writer For Peak Price Return

Quick article read this morning and she did the math for me. At the current anticipated price of appreciation she expects prices to be at the past peak by the year 2021. So, 7 down, 7 more to get back up.

She also noted it's time to stop comparing the value of your home now versus what it was worth in 2007. Honestly, unless you sold in 2007 that value doesn't mean a whole lot now does it.

So, let's start looking for a 3-5% annual appreciation. Do your math. When will your home be worth what it was in 2007? Or when will your mortgage be less than the value of your home? For my townhouse ~ looks like the math is right on!

Looking forward to tomorrow.....and to 2021!

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