Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Homes Prices Are Up But Reports Say Still 14% Below Peak Levels

We all know that values shot up in our beautiful Sunshine state of California last year. We also all know that they have slowed down and that we should see a somewhat normal appreciation this year.

But, and I'd have to almost agree with the article I read this morning, values are still below the peak by 14%. Thankfully. Yes, I say thankfully. Go ahead and yell at me anyone that is still upside down...okay I am yelling at myself as I am still upside down.

As I think about some of the neighborhoods I help people sell and buy homes in, that figure is pretty close. As I think about the peak I can remember thinking homes prices were ridiculously high and yet, for personal reasons, I sold and bought in that peak. As did many others.

So now while we continue to settle down I am happy that values aren't 'ridiculous' again. Maybe in the next few years as the unemployment and general economy improves we will see values moving up....but not bursting up like they did back in the day!

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