Friday, January 25, 2019

Marketing For The Season?

Yes, it's cold out ...... now. Yes, people are using their fireplaces .... now. But, be careful when putting your home for sale and doing a lot of 'focus' marketing. Be prepared to change it up if the season changes during the time it takes to get your home sold.

I found these in an article recently. The article was talking specifically about staging the fireplaces since it was cold outside and emphasize that this particular property has that coziness built right in!

We have a track in Valencia with this type of fireplace.

Yep, doggies, wood, & fireplace. Fab!

Trying to lighten up a dark fireplace surround.

Bringing color to a 'hole' in the wall.

I did focus on Christmas for a holiday listing once, but I was prepared for my photographer to re-shoot the house if it didn't sell quickly enough. If having Santa & Poinsettias on the front porch & door, being in the marketing materials, just didn't work anymore.

Look how well my photographer 'hid' the front porch Santa in this shot!

At any rate, just beware of the marketing your Realtor is suggesting. Make sure they are willing to redo marketing if the original suggestion is not timely any longer!

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