Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I Was Going To Blog About Fireplaces!

I had saved some photos with different ways to 'dress' up or focus on your fireplace since it's cold out right now in Southern California!

But, I admit, 
I got caught up in the live press release about the LAUSD strike negotiations.

My son is teaching in Los Angeles, so it's top in my mind of course.

We moved to Santa Clarita for the safety and the schools. Both children got good educations and went to public schools in Saugus.

Eldest moved away for college, then settled in LA area for the last few years. He went back to school and got his teaching credentials and is working for LAUSD....literally just started in the fall and ....boom.....on strike he goes.

But, I'm proud of that kid of mine!

When we moved to Valencia, we looked at 26 homes, if my memory serves me correctly. The one we ended up buying we had written in the offer that we must approve the local school as a contingency. Yep, we did that.

The school was great, teachers were great, support staff great. All seemed great. We did actually picket a principal once, but other than that our district seems fairly content.

Now, I have talked with some administrators & staff out here and out in LA....the kids these days are different. Right from Kindergarten, they are different.

So, the idea of LAUSD students being without support staff, nurses, in large classes....how can they safely learn like that, if learn at all?

Proud of all teachers that have worked in poor conditions, proud that you walked the line for your 'kids'. Let's face it, it's all for the kids. Good teachers = good students = good adults = good society.

Maybe next post will be about those fireplaces.......

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