Friday, December 2, 2016

Throwing It In The Pot!

Working with another great group of agents, well me & the ones I'm in immediate contact with, on a home that was originally due to close on 12/6/16.

We will be closing late. But, everyone is working hard to get it closed.

I don't like asking other agents to give up any of their hard earned money. The listing agent on this one was uncomfortable about it too.

But, sometimes you have to throw some moolah,
in the communal pot, to make it happen!

Sellers are throwing in a bunch, listing agents are throwing in a bunch more, lender is tossing in a handful, I'm throwing in more, and my buyers are tossing in some their own way as well.

Because we all want the same thing. A home to sell from one to another. One to buy their replacement home, one to have their vacation home. Agents who want clients happy. We do what we gotta do. 

It's worth it. Absolutely, totally, worth it. And, remember, some negotiations are had practically til the end of an escrow!

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