Friday, November 4, 2016

Reading Today - Time to Close Blaming Appraisers?

It's funny.....when we're about to close an escrow there is always a last minute scramble feel about it. I actually blogged it a few weeks ago.

There is also the 'blame-game', lender blames escrow, escrow blames lender. Too frequently they blame each other for a delay in closing.

Whatever....let's just close it already.

Today I read an article that states the appraisal process is what makes a 2 week closing take 6 weeks. Oh pleeze. Maybe the actual lender, stated by the article, only works their borrowers file for a total of 2-3 days during the escrow process. But, we have many other pieces of a huge puzzle that needs to be completed to close escrow on a home. MANY, I tell you!

While the appraisal process is challenging, and trust me, we blame them sometimes too, the loan has other challenges. The inspection process can be challenging. Getting through disclosures can be challenging. Negotiating repairs is a pain sometimes too. Just getting the buyers and sellers to turn in their paperwork can be a long process! Trust me, I know this.

Yet, it's all part of what needs to be done to close an escrow. When you've got so many people working on a huge project, buying/selling a home is huge, take your time. Get it done right, let everyone do their job without rushing through it. Rushing causes errors that we then have to fix before we can close.

Stop the 'blame-game', at least for your escrow. 
Let's just work together to solve any issues, and finish up a clean, tidy, escrow!

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