Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Decorating For Me Needs To Be Easy - Particularly For The Holidays!

I'm a minimalist, I don't like a lot of clutter. I add decorative items when I see something I like, but after a few additions, I have to remove other items....just the way I am.

So, Thanksgiving is next week already! WOW. Right around the corner. If you're also anything like me, you're super busy. It's hard enough to know which family is hosting what holiday, prepare the meal menu, organize the serving stuff....but decorate for the day too?  Yikes!

But, there are some very simple things we can do,
 that will make your home feel more turkey like, 
without having to go decoration crazy!

Throw a natural leaf on your table....or a few.....Hello Autumn!

Don't rake your leaves for the day.....Hello Autumn!

Use all those cream colored candles....with a few leaves....Hello Autumn!

And, super easy, add a few fall colored pillows to your couch....Hello Autumn!

Wishing you and your family a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday next week. No matter what, there is at least one thing in your life you must be thankful for.....you!

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