Friday, May 20, 2016

Follow-Up To New Construction Orientation......Take Notes!

I've closed many new construction homes. Never did a home inspection, new home right? What could go wrong? After all, there is a Fit & Finish warranty. And, a 10 year builder defect clause too!

So, did an orientation with home builder on a small 'boutique' home development a few months ago. All seemed to go well. Builder was very amenable to correcting any & all of buyers concerns.

Until the homeowner moved in. More items were noted, items that were to be fixed have not been corrected. One fairly large issue the builder refuses to correct. Feels that it is a 'tolerance' item.

So, with a bit of persuasion, I had my trusted home inspector do a post-closing home inspection. He noted many areas that should be reported to the builder. Some, just so they were noted if there was a problem in the future, some that were small but should be addressed now, a few that were like 'Really, correct this already Mr. Builder!'

The builder still refused to do one particular item, corrected several, many still remain undone. And, another issue has popped up as well.

Fortunately, my peeps still love their home. And, their value seems to have increased just in the few months since they purchased. Going to visit tomorrow hopefully to see progress of the backyard design.

Purpose of this blog post? To remind people you do have rights. My guy has gone ahead and reached out to the state contractors board and he filed a complaint. The neighbors are having some similar issues but seem to be waiting to 'see what happens'. So, today, the first inspector came out to property...took lots of notes, remained straight faced. They will then reach out to the builder, who has already received a letter regarding the complaint, about corrective actions.

Then, depending upon how the builder responds.....another expert will go to property and next step would likely be binding arbitration. And then, all contractors guidelines would have to be adhered to.

I love this particular client, never quits. Too many people would just let it go, settle. But, this guy, a very successful business man, but totally cool too, not a quitter.

And he still loves his home!

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