Friday, May 13, 2016

Condos, Townhouses, & Termites!

Experience counts! Oh, yes it sure does. I learned this little bit of knowledge when I made a mistake, since I didn't know, about a dozen years ago.

When representing a seller that owns a Condo or Townhouse, ALWAYS check with the HOA to see if there is an approved vendor for Wood Destroying Pest inspections. If you don't, you may get stuck in the situation my buyer is stuck in.....waiting for the HOA to do a 2nd inspection....with.....yes, their approved vendor!!! Frequently the HOA takes care of termite stuff anyways so they want a trusted vendor to inspect and complete work.

When representing a buyer, if you want the seller to pay for a Wood Destroying Pest inspection....and you're writing an offer on a Condo or Townhouse, make sure you put these words in.....Seller Choice, HOA Approved......make absolute sure.

So, Murphy's law.....seller ordered the inspection report from a complete unknown company. HOA says we need a 2nd inspection. Then, to top it off, HOA rep goes on vacation. He's allowed, I know, but we have time frames to follow dude! LOLOL

At any rate, all of this could have been cleared much sooner if the seller had ordered the Wood Destroying Pest inspection by an HOA approved vendor.

Piece of info for you today!

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