Friday, February 19, 2016

Not Getting Ripped Off

I went to visit a past client yesterday. Met her parents who, knowing I was her Realtor, proceeded to talk with me about a home where the owner was deceased without a Trust nor a Will in place.

That was the first issue. At least they are seeking an attorney's advice, and working through the probate situation.  I gave them some pretty specific instructions about making sure it did not require Court Confirmation to sell.

The house has some valuables in it, and a lot of trash.

Not getting ripped off part of this story, you ask? 

A Realtor, relative of a neighbor or something like that, approached the parents while visiting the property and offered to clean everything out for them and buy it for $$XYZ amount.

I know the area, it's not my specialty area, but I do know the area. Based upon the condition of the home it was going to be another fix/flip property. They had dozens of pictures they shared with me.

Thank goodness I had my smart phone. Quickly looked up some title records and estimated values and told them do not sell to that 'Realtor' for that $$XYZ amount. It sounded about 50k too low!

So, I told them to check back with me after they had the probate issues settled as we couldn't really do anything until that was done. But, I emphatically told them to put the property in the MLS for the best proceeds possible. There are plenty of people that want to fix and flip properties. That home is on a large lot with tons of potential.

$$XYZ! Hah, don't try and rip off anyone under my watch!

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Connor T. MacIVOR said...

Way to watch out for your clients!!!!