Friday, August 28, 2015

An Awesome 'Hide Your Flat Screen TV' Idea!

I'm showing homes all the time, right? YES! So, I see trends in decorating, right? Oh Yeah!

This week I saw the neatest looking flat screen TV cabinet....mounted on the wall!

We are seeing so many large flat screen TV's above the fireplace, true? But, I'd never seen one of these before and neither had my clients!

This is just like the one we saw. Above the fireplace. Curiosity peaked and we opened it up to find the television mounted behind it. LOVE THIS! 

So, thinking we had found something totally new, I Googled it. Guess what? There are all kinds of them out there!

I think it's such a wonderful idea. Makes a family room with TV very quickly turn into a more formal living room for guests that aren't watching the boob tube.

Love, love, love it! What say you?

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