Friday, August 21, 2015

What Agent Ever Said They Were Happy To Only Have 3 In Escrow?

I did! One of my clients asked me today if I was relaxed. I said yes. A resounding yes. About 5 weeks ago I had 7 properties in escrow at one time.

To some of the bigger, team oriented, agents they have that regularly. For me, it was a lot. A lot of coordinating, nagging, reminding, checking off long To-Do lists.

Today I close another, that's 3 just this week, and I'll be down to 2 in escrow.

I love what I do. Absolutely love helping people with their home sales and purchases. One thing about Real Estate that everyone says? It's either Feast or Famine.

Fortunately it's never been famine for me, but sometimes it sure is a bit of feast craziness!

Today, I am relishing the few minutes of quiet I have. But, wait, I've got to make sure that one gets funded. Oh, and this one sends over the closing statement. And, that seller lets me show their home. This prospective seller gets their docs to review. That buyer gets their inspection report.

LOLOL. All in the life of a Real Estate agent! Phew again! Next!!

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