Tuesday, August 11, 2015

When Someone Is Being Nice, or Are They Are Full of BS?

Some sales are just significantly harder than others. I know, I've bee-atched about this before. Honestly, I always believe it's the other agents fault when a deal doesn't go smoothly.

If that agent is educating their client correctly, it makes a big difference.

So, do an inspection, all is friendly. Buyers and sellers chatting during the inspection, the sellers both say that they don't want the living room throw rug and will leave it for buyer. You presume they are being honest, being generous, being nice.....right?

No reason to add personal property, offered for free, in a Real Estate Purchase Agreement.....you think.

Well, we sure hope so. A lot has gone to crap since then. Agent and his assistant have gone incognito for days at a time. Things weren't disclosed properly. HOA's didn't approve of work done in back yard.

We worked through it, but it was like pulling teeth to get things done!

We are due to close escrow on Thursday. Walk through yesterday....several things need to be addressed prior to closing. We notice that purty rug is rolled up like it's ready to go. We tuck it in the corner. Buyer has the sellers phone number and she pops him a text letting him know we tucked it in the corner so it doesn't accidentally get taken by the movers and thank you so much for leaving it.

No response at all. Zero, zilch, zip, nada.

So, was that BS, are we misunderstanding, did they change their mind? Unfortunately for my buyer and myself....we're thinking this is total BS. Unfortunately....total BS. We shall see on Thursday!

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