Friday, July 17, 2015

What's Meant To Be, Will Always Be

I tell clients this all the time. The right house will come along. Patience is a virtue. What's Meant To Be Will Be.

Couple very near and dear to my heart, first time home buyers. Worked very hard to be ready for home ownership. Very, very hard. Did everything their lender told them to do.

Gotta tell you though. Patience is not one of their virtues!! It was up to me and their lender to keep reminding them about that thing called patience.

They were in a highly competitive price point for Single Family Residences. We had even looked at condos/townhouses. We looked outside of their desired communities. But, I kept bringing them back to where they wanted to be.

Write an offer, rejected. Write another, rejected. Write a third and a fourth.....rejected. We wrote the absolute best we could possibly write each and every time.

First offer house contacts me 3 weeks into escrow, buyer couldn't get their loan!!! Oh darn, poor buyers...... NOT!!! This is how my husband and I got our current home!

So, I ask her was she calling all the other offers? She said she liked me and was calling me first. I work very hard for my clients, am OCD (a bit), and she saw that. She'd be blind not to!

So, this morning we opened escrow. Already have just about everything we need, buyers deposit is in. Prior inspection report was completed by an inspector that I know. So far so good.

I think we're pretty much just gonna sit back and process paperwork until lender says let's close this baby!!!

It appears this home found it's way back to my buyers!

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