Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Inspections, Inspections, Inspections!

There are the standardized inspections, and then there are further inspections. As a Realtor, I have to guide my clients when a further inspection may be needed.

Today we just finished a Sewer main inspection, camera, video, monologue as well!

Older home where the prior occupant is deceased. We are buying from the trust who, although is the daughter of the deceased, has never lived there. Records can be sketchy, unknown is a big variable.

So, after looking at the standard inspection report, we brought trusted handyman in to review some items of concern. He, and buyers, felt pretty confident in him completing many of the repair items.

The Sewer main was a big unknown though. House is over 50 years old. There was an obvious tree that had been cut down to the stump in front yard. Cracking of the driveway led us to believe there may have been root invasion. Question was.....did it damage the sewer line as well?

So, due to my experience, I have a trusted Sewer Inspection company! Buyers and myself met with them this morning and had the pleasure of looking at the 'debris' in the main! But, the greatest pleasure is seeing no significant defects, a clay pipe vs a metal pipe, and a strait shot to city connection in the street instead of any turns near tree roots!

I love my job....wouldn't want to do theirs all day though!

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