Friday, July 24, 2015

Looking For A New Career? We Are Going To Need More Appraisers!!

Met with a couple of Appraisers this week. Listing agent, the way I was trained over a dozen years ago, is the one that meets the Appraiser at the property to gain entrance and answer any questions they may have. Provide upgrades not seen. Age of any upgrades, the newer the better.

Both of the people I met were close to retirement age. One I'd met before and he had said he wanted to retire. Had brought his son in and was training.

And there is the reason for this post. It's hard to get the training. An upcoming Appraiser in training has to find a mentor to 'tag' along with. There is some sort of costs associated with that training. Or, if I'm not mistaken, a reduction of income somehow, for the one doing the mentoring. If there is any income at all.

With the market mess a few years ago, Appraisers were placed into a management company pool to get job orders. Needless to say, that's more hands in the cookie jar.

Which, of course, means less money to be made doing appraisals. Which then means, less likelihood of a newbie getting the mentoring required easily.

So, the National Appraisal Congress formed the Society of Young Appraisal Professionals. They are going to push hard to recruit the newbies as the elder ones are definitely closer and closer to retirement. 

On the flip side....once more & more retire? Supply & Demand? Wouldn't that then make it cost more for an appraisal? As they would be fewer and fewer?

Not quite sure how this will all pan out. But, if you've been looking for a new career, consider being an Appraiser. We're gonna need them!

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