Friday, July 31, 2015

Copy in Your TC? Is That MY Job?

It's a bit of a complaint post today. So, if you don't want to read my annoyance, stop reading now.

I had a Transaction Coordinator (aka TC) at some point in my career. She went to go work full-time and I decided I didn't need that luxury item any longer. Not that I wouldn't like it, but I stay on top of stuff so much that I'd be staying on top of them too & that's not something I want in my life.

But, other agents are forced by their company to use a TC, and others just have huge amounts of work that they must have a TC. Well, they appear to have huge amounts of work. I can't be certain.

Every once in a while I end up in a transaction with an agent that says "Please copy my TC in on everything". Um, I can't remember who has a TC, who that TC may be, and don't feel it's my responsibility to make sure that TC gets everything.

Or I get a TC that says please send something to them on a particular file that I've already sent to the Agent, who's getting paid, on that sale.

Hmmmm. So, I kinda put my foot down a bit today. Softly, but did. I ask the agent representing the buyer 'Where's the executed disclosures?' She asks me to text her TC.

Really? Um, no.

So, I very politely say I'm too busy to keep track of your TC. I'll let you follow up on that. And, she, of course, says she will.

If you've got a TC, it's your job to make sure they do what they're supposed to do, not mine. I've got my own job to do. I am not getting paid to do yours, nor your TC's.

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