Friday, May 8, 2015

You Can Lead A Horse To Water

But, oh no, you sure can't make 'em drink!

Working with clients, sometimes they really think they know more than I do. Maybe they've sold a 1/2 dozen homes. Maybe more, but none of them have ever sold as many homes as I have. Never, ever.

So, while I do always know more than the client, I still have to listen to their concerns. Their thoughts, the opinions. It is their home they are buying or selling after all.

Yet, they hired me for a reason, right? For my expertise, yes? For me being the one that guides them to the water......definitely! But, still, sometimes I just can't make them drink. Well, not the first time frequently.

The first-timers are always so appreciative of everything I teach them, all I open their eyes to, the guidance I provide, the experience I have. They are much more likely to drink the water when I suggest it. They are the thirsty ones.

But the repeat clients, not my repeat clients as those would already have been through this with me before, the ones that have bought or sold a home in the past, those are the tough ones to drink the thirst-quenching water.  They aren't using their prior agent. That actually speaks volumes as I'm writing this down.

Sometimes it takes a loss or two. The, 'we want to do it our way' losses. Those awful losses that they regret the moment they see it coming. The moment they realize the wrong choice was made. The horse was led, but the horse chose not to drink....and that dang horse is still thirsty.

They always come around though. They are practically dehydrated and falling down from the thirst....but they come around. All in their comfort zone time, all when they just can't refuse another drop of water.

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