Friday, May 15, 2015

When Two Is Always Better Than One

I showed a home last week to prospective buyers. They had seen it at an open house but wanted me, their agent, to view it before they considered writing an offer on it.

My two eyes examined it best as I could. Asked questions of the sellers who happened to be there. Noted, in my head, deficiencies with the property.

Then, out in front of the home, trying very hard not to, I bursted the buyers bubble. I know bursted is not a word, but it works here.

While the floor plan and location are wonderful, there were too many items that were likely going to be costly for a first time home buyer with little funds to correct.

The listing agent and I had discussed my concerns based upon the price point. Had told him if we were going to write it would be 25k under current list price. Youch was going to be the sellers reply, we both agreed.

So today, I let agent know for sure we were not going to write an offer. Buyers had time to chill and think. The more they thought, the more they noticed the defective items in the home. We have since nicknamed it the money pit.

I let listing agent know. He asked me to put in writing why we weren't writing as his seller though my clients loved the house.

And, here is the reason that two is better than one.

While the sellers Realtor had certainly educated the seller, the second opinion from another Realtor will help the sellers agent plead the case as to why the home is not in escrow yet.

Yep, Two is always better than One I say.

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