Friday, May 29, 2015

Onward and Forward...With Eyes Wide Open!!

I'm a firm believer of what's meant to be will be. I've been doing this long enough to know that when a client has heartbreak, about not getting a property, it wasn't the best property for them.

I also have personal experience about that very same thing. Prior to becoming a Realtor I lost what I thought was my dream home. Lo and Behold, we found something better.  Again, I thought I lost my dream home a few years ago. Lo and Behold the first buyer couldn't get a loan and we got the house. I've loved every home I've lived in. And, thought I loved every home I lost. But, realized once I found the home I bought, that the lost one wasn't the right one. The one I owned was most definitely the right one for me.

I could keep telling you stories of past clients. Showing 74 homes and going back to the very first one and realizing that was the perfect one. Losing out on a few and realizing that the one they found together was the perfect one for both of them. Missing a home by just a tad over clients max comfort zone in a multiple offer situation.

A new heartbreak, it happens, to a lovely client that I'm working with. I wish the listing agent hadn't shown it as active when it truly wasn't. It could have save my buyer the pain of the loss.

But, it is an eye opener, the loss of the house you think was the right home. Makes one think of what you liked, didn't like, in the home you thought was perfect. 

Helps you keep both eyes open for when the perfect one does come along. 

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