Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"The First Two Years Will Be Tight"

I tell this to almost every first time buyer. They are generally scared, excited, anxiety ridden. Usually talking about all the stuff they want to do in their new one once they move in.

Sometimes they won't have a whole lot leftover to do what they want to do. Pretty common for a first timer that is getting in with a low down payment. Or has to do some fancy-footwork to make the loan program even work for a comfortable monthly payment. It can feel like you're bending over backwards to make it happen, but it's the ultimate goal of home ownership that makes people do what they need to do.

Back to the '2 tight years' statement though. If you set yourself up with a conventional, not adjustable, mortgage, then your payment will always be the same. Basically, right?

Over time, your paycheck generally does increase. Some cost of living increases. Less visits to local restaurants since you're loving your new kitchen. Less vacations since the backyard of your new home is so ever inviting. 

You have the same payment, but your income gets higher. The first two years doesn't feel super comfy. Feels a little like working just for a house payment.

Yes, you likely are the first time. But, trust me on this, it will get better. It's worth the fancy footwork, worth the bending over backwards.

Owning your own home has more rewards than the first time home owner truly understands. Until they are cooking in their very own kitchen. Watering their own vegies in their garden. Sweeping the algae off their private pool.

It's a lot of work, a lot of money, but oh so worth it!

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