Friday, April 3, 2015

Water Saving Ideas That Everyone In California Needs to Know

Yikes, we really do need to figure out ways to conserve water here in Sunny Cal!

A normal site I use to keep up on decorating ideas posted 11 ways to save.

Sharing here their suggestions:

1) Turn off faucets ~ Seems simple right. But, they mean while brushing teeth, washing dishes. Just like when I'm camping and only have a certain amount of water to use and/or store.

2) Use Every Single Drop ~ Rinsing your fruits and vegies in a colander? Put a pot under them and catch the water to use elsewhere. Heating up the water for your shower? Save that water too!

3) Double-Dip Dishes ~ Like in the olden days when we didn't HAVE running water! One side for hot soapy, one side to rinse.

4) Consider a Smaller Dishwasher ~ Hmmmm, that's a tough one for most of us. I definitely recommend making sure it's completely full before running though.

5) Buy a High-Efficiency Washing Machine ~ If you're due for a new one, definitely consider one that uses less water. Cut your cycles as short as you can too.

6) Low-Flow Toilets & Shower heads ~ That's a given, and it's a requirement in parts of L.A. City when you sell a home.

7) Shorten Your Showers ~ Wow, this brings back memories. Dang but I love the hot water bouncing on my neck for a long shower.

8) Pool Covers ~ Ah yes, great idea to help keep evaporation at bay!

9) Water Your Garden By Hand ~ Hmmm, I would have thought that used more water. But, apparently not so according to the EPA.

10) Weather Based Irrigation System ~ We all forget to turn the timer off when it rains. But these babies can water based upon needs and current weather!

11) When It Rains, Collect That Water ~ From your rain gutters!

Some things we need to consider. Some we've already heard of, some we just need to be reminded of.

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