Friday, April 17, 2015

Pays To Hire A Realtor That Stays Up On Internet Marketing

So we all know that Zillow and Trulia are now in bed with each other, right? Well, they are. Funny, as their property value estimates are still off from each others opinions!

BUT, what a lot of people don't know....and I tell them as I run into that Zillow lost our MLS feed. They lost the rights to grab our listings and put them on their site.

Some Realtors are probably cheering. Until they realize their seller is going to be annoyed that one of the largest house hunting sites doesn't have their home showing up on it! Well, it was the big dog of house hunting sites until this week. At least for our local listings.

Well, that would be pretty much all of Southern California! is surely ecstatic right now.

At any rate, there is a work-around for it. You just have to know it. Or, your REALTOR has to know it.

How to get your home for sale on Zillow. 
Go ahead, ask me. Yep, I totally and completely know it!

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