Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I Found These Kitchen Suggestions Interesting, Do You?

Reading Houzz today, one of my favorite home decorating sites, and the article was about kitchen remodeling. Author put the word out on what she was planning and asked for readers suggestions and/or comments.

Some were surprising, some interesting, some we all think of anyways. But, here goes....

1) One gal suggested, due to budget restraints, going with a smaller scale kitchen and spending more on appliances. Definitely, and I concur, keep the space between counters and center islands....wide as possible! Yet, others felt too wide. Hmmmm.....

2) Direct access to the outdoors. So rare to find more than a single door that leads out from the family room which may be connected to kitchen. But, YES, a slider that takes you outside with your tray of party delights right from the kitchen? Gorgeous!

3) Skylights and light tubes. Yes indeedy!

4) Under cabinet lighting. Uh huh!

5) Double Bowl Sink. That's a given.

6) Prep Sink. Well, in the center island in a really large kitchen, yes. or (7) 2 Full size sinks!

8) Two dishwashers? Nah, that's really over the top.

9) Counter Depth Fridge ~ love these!

10) Ooooh, a Steam Oven!! That would be steamy dreamy!

11) A Warming Oven, yes, nice!

12) An Induction Cook top. I've only ever seen this once in my career. Great idea, works wonderful.

13) A full-on ice maker that is just that, not attached to fridge. Party house!

14) They call it an 'Appliance Garage'. Large cabinet storage to slide your counter appliances into so they are out of sight when not in use. Great for people like me who hate clutter.

15) Hot & Cold water dispensers. Yep, another good one.

16) Trash & Recycling center. Wish mine had this. I pile my recyclables on the counter til hubby takes them out. See 14 above, know that it makes me a bit nuts since I hate clutter!

17) For the bakers out there......a pull-out shelf lift for your electric mixer!

18) Built-In Speakers. Well, of course, that's nice to keep serenity when cooking like crazy!

19) Cook book shelves. Um, I never follow recipes!


20) Hidden Outlet Strip. I actually need one of these in my camper!

Just some stuff to share. Which of these would interest you?

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