Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Dreaded BOM

BOM, Back On Market. Hate it. But, I'd rather know early in escrow than after we've been in escrow for 2 or 3 weeks!

My sweet Valencia listing just had a buyer cancel a week after we opened escrow. She apparently didn't like where a fan was? Also decided that the master bath wasn't appropriate for her.

(In Case You Know Someone Looking ~ The Video Tour Link is Directly Below)

Yes, buyers are certainly allowed to change their minds. But, it's usually related to a bad inspection, disclosure, appraisal. Not because they decided the house wasn't for them. 

I also blame the buyers agent a bit. Feel like they didn't do their job right. I've made that mistake before....well once only honestly.

So now, after a multiple offer situation originally, I had to put it back as active. The dread of that? The property shows as 26 days on market. Ignoring the fact that less than 2 weeks in we had offers, 1 week of escrow. Only good agents know how to check this out. But, the general public sees it as being on the market longer than normal for the market we are in.

I only have about 5 homes in that neighborhood as competition so we'll get it back into escrow pretty quickly. This is where the master marketer.....yep, me......really has to change some stuff up. Spread it everywhere, network like crazy again. Write a blog post about it!

It is what it is, but it is dreaded by all agents.....the BOM. 
Adding a B for the photo effect. Back On Market BABY!! 

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