Friday, March 13, 2015

It Was An Article About Barn Doors, But I LOVED This Garage/Panel Door In The Living Room

Barn doors, using them in your home. What's that word? Re-furbish, Re-Use, Re-Condition? Regardless, LOL, I am a fan of utilizing an old product in a new way instead of it going to waste.

My mother always said 'Waste Not, Want Not'  Meaning ~ If you use a commodity or resource carefully and without extravagance, you will never be in need. Sorta fits here.

At any rate, the article I read this morning, from a home decorating site, was talking about the use of old barn doors in your home as decorating accents.

This picture, however, caught my eye and I absolutely loved it!

Note the re-cycled barn door on the right.
 But, my eye was brought to the garage like panel door pulled overhead!

I've seen some unusual decorating in so many homes. I did sell a home last year that the seller converted, not completely though, the 3rd car garage into a beautiful living area that opened into a bedroom. They did leave the existing garage door intact.

This is different, this is a great way to change up a space. To bring the outdoors in. Through light of course when closed, but wow, swing open that panel door and now you've got your indoor/outdoor space beautifully combined. Together, as with a sliding glass door, but throwing this one up instead of to the side? Did I say Love it? Totally, and completely, love this!

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