Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What Do You Think Of Black Interior Doors?

Yes, I usually write about other than decor but I still have to be aware of what's one of the supposed hot new design themes.

Today I read on Houzz that painting interior doors black is quite the 'rage'. I'll make a trip to the newest housing development shortly and see if they are doing this yet!

Reasons they suggest ~

1) Makes a room more elegant.
2) Of course they accent anything else in the room that is black.
3) The color helps disguise unflattering items.
4) This one is my favorite ~ They Frame Views ~ Most definitely, and I love this pic!

(photo courtesy of their article)

5) They help pull your guests eye away from another black void in the room (think ugly old large never used fireplace).
6) They make a Home Depot/Lowe's cheap door look a bit more special.
7) It says they don't show fingerprints.....hmmmm, not sure about that one.
8) They mark a destination. Yes, when it's that bold of a color you can't help but see where you are going!
9) Oooooh, the do look great with dark floors too!
10) Instead of using a large mirror, a black door sure would have some shine to it.
11) Very good point for older homes.....They make a ceiling look taller.

How many of my readers are gonna go out and try this now??

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