Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New Tech Tools For Real Estate & You

Well, some aren't so new. Some I've been using for a while. Some I don't think I would ever use. But a few were worth circling on my page for further review and investigation. I share them with you here. Let's see what you think!

1) Open Home Pro ~ No more signing in on paper sheets. The program will automatically send the guest my contact info. Hmmm, I think if people want to be connected with me they will, if not, it'll be just like on paper.....dyslexic numbers will appear!

2) Updater ~ A program that helps buyers with all their moving related tasks. Forward mail, connect utilities, update accounts.....etc., all with my name and contact info splashed all over it.

3) Realtor.com ~ Has changed agent profile. I can show you where I've been working by their check-in feature. Similar to Facebook, you'll know where I've been listing and selling homes a little easier.

4) Canva ~ A free website (if I use my own photos) to make flyers, presentations, invitations, and a ton more. I think I'll be giving this one a whirl. Take a peek, it's not just for people like me.

5) Connect6 ~ This is something to be aware of for sure. While it was shared today to enlighten the Realtor how to easily verify contact info......it makes it easier for other people to find out public information about you as well.

6) Texting tidbits ~ I just tried one already! I frequently notice a home comes on the market near someone on my data base. Today I shot a pic of it, the MLS screen, and texted it to them. Everyone seems to be interested in what their neighbor is selling for!

7) KeyMe ~ Not sure about the safety of this but it's a way to take a snapshot of your key and if you lose it, they can make another one for you.

8) While we are supposed to make sure the other party approves of being recorded, this just reminded me that this technology is out there. TapeACall.com. We all have to be soooooo very careful!

9) Sitegeist ~ Just a mobile app that helps you learn more about your surroundings in seconds. Freebie too!

10) This one I've seen before but it reminded me I want to get it for my husband. Ring.com ~ Doorbell and little camera at your front door, with motion sensors, and you can see from your phone who is ringing the bell. $199, can't beat that. Oh, and I think you can even reply to the ringer as well from your phone. I gotta investigate this one further.

Anything of interest to you too?

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