Friday, January 23, 2015

Great Storage Ideas From Your Favorite Realtor ~ Hah, Not Really!

Yes, I enjoy reading about mortgage, below 4 and expected to head down further!

And, yes, I enjoy reading about our inventory......still low.

Also, love chatting with clients, answering questions, helping people with their Real Estate needs.

But, I also really do love reading about some great, and easy, storage ideas.

The dang linen closet! When we bought our house a few years ago I wish I had paid closer attention to the lack of space in our linen closet. It's ridiculously small and I hate changing sheets because it's so crammed in there that I just wash and use the same ones most of the time instead of tackling the opening of the closet with the avalanche of items surely to fall out.

But, thank you to Houzz (one of my new favorite sites) for popping these ideas in front of me to share with you.

If you don't look at their site, enjoy these 3 really great ideas:

I mean really, how simple! I have my kitchen linens in a drawer and they always come out wrinkled! Damn skippy, hang them up with a slide out rod system! I can do that! 
Or see below and maybe do that in the kitchen if there's a shortage of cabinet space in there.

This one is ridiculously simple and I feel stupid for not thinking about it already.
Just throw up some towel bars on the inside of the closet door.....Wa-La....more space!

I always see shelving and think 'Ugh, more knick-knack space.'
But, done right, this would really help in the bathroom for the towels and washcloths!

If one person, well other than me, gets some help with this then I've done my job here!

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