Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sorta Real Estate Related ~ California Public Schools Poised To Get Some Nice Funding!

Schools impact Real Estate. Good schools make for happier families. Adequate funding makes for better schools. Desirable neighborhoods generally have excellent schools! Win-Win, see?

So proposition 98, passed way back (LOL, really not that way back in my eyes) in 1988, voted in a rule that when the states coffers fill up with tax dollars, schools will get the single largest portion of the cash.

Newest report indicates that in the budget year ending next summer, public schools are expected to show increased funding in the amount of 2.3 Billion dollars. I know, that will dwindle down. I've not done the math as I don't know how many schools California has in K-12. Do you? I suppose you or I could Google it. (I looked, about 10,000 schools).

But, the good news doesn't stop there! The following fiscal year it's supposed to be about 2.6 Billion, and another 2.2 Billion the year after that. That's a whole lotta money. Again, it will never likely be enough, but every little extra bit is better than none.

Many teachers out here spend much of their own money on their students. Seems particularly so in the Elementary schools. I appreciate that, very much, and I thank you teachers everywhere!

If the prop 98, that we voted in, gives a bit more cash to each and every public school in California, I'm hoping it has a nice impact on the students they service and the teachers that teach them.

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