Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More New Decorating Ideas For.....Yep, The Good Old Kitchen!

I play around on Facebook like a lot of you surely do as well. I keep seeing this one house decorating site go by and periodically I peek at something that catches my eye.

The most recent one? Painting your old hardwood floors.

I think it could be a great idea for a fairly quick and inexpensive makeover. BUT, I also think that it will get chipped away a lot faster than paint on a wall. We do, after all, walk on our kitchen floor. Drop things on our kitchen floor. Wash our kitchen floor, over, and over again.

I had a client this year that had older blond laminate flooring and we had discussed painting that. Not done, mostly because the Googling of info told him that it would just not last at all.

But, I suppose if you've got real wood, the old thick planks (not wide but deep) it'd take more to painting. Say you didn't like it? You'd have plenty of wood on the old floor to sand the color off and try something different.

I have engineered wood flooring, and 3 dogs
Nope, painting my floor is not going to work for me at all!

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