Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Selling Your Home Over The Holidays?

All the same prep techniques do apply. A bit of staging, the right pricing, the appropriate cleanliness, and more. But, what about your holiday decorations? Should you, or shouldn't you?

People shopping for homes over the holiday season expect a bit of decorations. Should you go all Clark Griswold with the exterior decorations? Um, yeah, no....probably not.

What about the inside decorations? You definitely need to refrain from some indelicate types of displays:

This would be in the NOT appropriate type of holiday decorating
 when selling your home!

Don't forget, you can take your home off the market for special dinners, events, etc. during the season that you are selling. No worries, that's my job.

But, please don't put too much in the way of showing restrictions on selling your home any time of the year for the best possible net sale........holiday time or any old other time!!!

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