Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Finding A Realtor Out Of Your Current Area

Let's say in the year 2015 you are moving to another city, state, or even another country. How the heck do you find a great Realtor to help you buy in a different location if you don't know anyone where you are moving to?

Ask me! As a local Realtor in Southern California I do sell homes for people moving out of the area. I also help people buy homes moving into the area.

Let's say I find a great agent in Wisconsin? One that came highly recommended by my buyer here? Well, see, now I can help you find a great agent if you want to move to Wisconsin!

Whoops, what if you need an agent in an area I haven't worked with one before? One that hasn't been recommended by a client? That's what networking with my local associates helps with. I'll look to see if someone knows a great agent in New Jersey, let's just say. I don't know anyone that wants to move to New Joysey though!

Now, let's go further. You are moving to an area that no one knows anyone. Yikes! Ask me! I'll check with the local associations, view their credentials, their sales history. I'll even phone interview them for you. I know if you trust me, feel comfortable and confident working with me.....I've got to find someone very similar.

Keep this in mind when you're worried about finding a great Realtor in another area. If you don't know someone that you trust to refer an agent to help you.......check with me, I can usually find the perfect match!

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