Friday, November 21, 2014

I Sooo Wanted To Be A Detective ~ And I Am....Sometimes!

When I was a child I wanted to be a police detective. Not for justice and all that. But because I always liked to figure things out. I do believe in right over wrong though, so some justice! Mostly I loved to learn new things, determine what, where, when, why, and how.

Yeah, I don't see me wearing this outfit though! Do you?

I decided against it quickly as I didn't want to be a police officer of any kind first to get to detective status.

However, as a, we really are (if we're any good) a detective!

In any escrow there is the period that I call 'Discovery'. Aka, the contingency period. Discovering if it appraises. Discovering if buyer can truly get the loan. Discovering if there is anything substantially wrong with the property. Etc.

Most escrows we find little things. We discover items in inspections, termite reports, appraisals, and so on.

One I'm working on now.....discovery is sooooo much fun! Truly. Digging deeper than most would, investigating more than many. Finding out all kinds of interesting little things. Some potentially big.

Each and every discovery is for the protection of my client. To make sure that the property they are buying is going to work for them. Is safe, isn't zoned wrong, doesn't have any negatives not disclosed by the seller and/or not known by the seller.

I've had other agents think I go a bit overboard, too detailed on my personal inspection disclosure, looking further than necessary.

I'm a bit OCD, I'll give them that. BUT, if I was buying a property, I'd want to know everything about it as well. So, anything and everything I can help my client to discover, I'm all over it. 

It's the childhood detective in me I suppose! 

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