Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How Appropriate & Wonderful For Veterans Day Today!

Nothing better than waking up to a text message from a listing agent that my clients offer was accepted. Well, except for today! That buyer is a Veteran, today is Veterans day, and he is utilizing his VA benefits for a home loan with zero down! Now that is definitely better than any other!

I have never been one of those agents that is only focused on what I make. I am always focused on what I can do for my client to make the home buying and/or selling experience as easy as possible.

I take great joy when we hear it's accepted because I know that it creates great joy in the hearts of my clients.

But this family.....phew.....couldn't be more happy, proud, thrilled, heart-filled, for them. Still got to get through the escrow process, but to get their offer accepted? Awesomeness complete!

If you are a Veteran, take a gander at this website ~ US Department Of Veteran Affairs ~ Home Loans ~ there just might be a way we can help you get a home too!

 Thank You to all of our Veterans today and always! 
A very special congratulations to my Veteran clients today.....well, and always as well!

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