Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get Married, Buy A Home! Really?

Now, that's a funny article that prompted this blog post! Survey says.....that the percentage of people getting married...well not getting married, is equitable to the percentage of people not buying homes.

I find that mildly interesting. Yes, people commit by marriage, have some children, buy a home. But, I do believe that people buy homes as investments too. Smart ones buy them as ways to earn equity in their pockets vs. a landlords pocket. Married or not, people are buying homes. Well, I've got people buying homes!

I list homes for people, single and married. I help buy homes for people, single and married. Sometimes they are just one buyer or seller, sometimes two, sometimes married, sometimes not. I'd have to go back and look through the last couple dozen transactions. Wait, let's see.....wow, 50% were of the not married variety! And, those were buyers and sellers!

So, I'm not buying it, not in my market place. I must work with smart people. Well, what's that old saying.....flock together, birds and such. I've got some intelligent birds in my group of clients.

Would you only buy a home if you were getting married? Or, if you were having children? Come on....really?

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