Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trumped the Trump!

I just thought this was too funny!

Donald Trump started a Real Estate 'University' ~ I did not know!

What I now know is that the NY Attorney General filed a suit against Trump as the school did not provide what students were promised.

Students were told they would learn The Trumps personal methods which, of course, would practically guarantee they would have fantastic success in Real Estate investments.

Trump is denying that he did not deliver as the men and women were told he would. Apparently the students were told to increase their credit card limits to participate in the 'Elite Mentorship Program'....to the tune of between 10 & 35k.....well, they didn't know that's why the suggestion was made until after their limits were increased.

On top of that.....it's not really a University now is it? Trump was supposedly hand picking and training the instructors. So he said. The AG determined that he was not involved in the curriculum nor did Trump actually pick the instructors.

Regardless, that old adage...Too Good To Be True? I'd say it fits this one!

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