Friday, August 9, 2013

How Severe Should The Penalty Be?

Happy Friday August 9th! It's a beautiful day outside, Real Estate is recovering. Clean up is still going on for any scoundrels that took advantage of more people that put their trust where is shouldn't have gone.

Four men from my home state of California were sentenced to jail for mortgage modification scams. These creeps defrauded normal 'Joe's' out of about 130k by asking home owners to put their trust in them.

Unfortunately many innocent home owners did do just that. These men set up several false businesses and changed their names, phone numbers, and addresses to escape the calls of their customers and to continue their scams!

Cunningham, Silva, Koelle, Nolan....they all pleased guilty to felony counts! All of them. But, really, they only face 6 - 8 months in jail, 5 years probation, and giving back the fees to home owners.

Hmmmm, I think it should be more harsh. I think they should be in jail for longer and NEVER be off probation. But, maybe I'm a little harsh?

I know there are far worse crimes out there....but really, just doesn't seem like punishment enough.

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